Darth Vader's Body Gave Away The Ending to Empire Strikes Back


David Prowse played Darth Vader's body. He was kind of like Agnew to James Earl Jones' Richard Nixon. The reason he didn't actually do the voice of Darth Vader is because he kind of sounded like a Westcounty milk-man

"You are a traitor and a spy. Now would you like full fat or semi-skimmed?"
We've always been told that Prowse wasn't told the twist ending for Empire Strikes Back (that Darth Vader is Luke's son) and that the original line Prowse spoke was "I killed your father!" but new evidence has come to light that explains why David Prowse is banned from all official Star wars reunions. Not only did David Prowse know what the twist ending was...he only went and told an actual newspaper that was doing a story on him.

This article -- which was published in Sunnyvale, California in 1978 according to retroist.com -- contained an interview with Prowse in the build up to the sequel to A New Hope. Prowse talked about innocuous things like his costume, his bodybuilding and the twist ending to his movie.
"Oh, and it won't be out for thirty years but Bruce Willis was dead all along."
Source: Retroist

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